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About DSU

Our vision

As the students’ union for over 27,000 students at the De Montfort University and an independent registered charity, DSU has a strong vision to provide “An exceptional student experience” underpinned by an approach that forms part of the organisation’s DNA:

  • Act with and for you
  • Inspire you
  • Listen to you
  • Represent you
  • Support you

This allows De Montfort SU to confidently state to students that “We are student-led and student focussed. We represent, inspire and involve, enhancing the student experience.” We work directly with students, the university and partners to achieve this.  DSU’s range of student services and activities are diverse. The Students’ Union is an incorporated association and registered charity (1138587).

We work with the following values: Community, Democracy, Fun, Growth, Quality

DSU is going through a transformative process, fuelled by a growing and diverse membership and increasingly renowned University. We have high expectations for the future as we aspire to make the Students’ Union the very best it can be, enabling its members to have an exceptional student experience.

We are already a successful Union, with a growing membership who are increasingly active, and a talented staff team underpinned by Investors in People Gold. The successful candidate will join DSU at a critical time; by the end of 2016 the Union will have moved back into a £3m building development, embedded its new branding and strengthened its student voice and campaigning functions. Learn more about our successes.

Our resources

DSU employs around 80 staff, half permanent and half student staff, within the four key areas of Membership Services, People and Organisational Development, Finance and Central Support and Commercial Operations. Working together they deliver the four big ambitions for our Union:

  • Student Advice
  • Student Activities
  • Student Voice
  • Student Life

DSU’s total turnover in 2014/15 was £2.34m with a trading surplus of £91k. The block grant from the University was £1.23m in the same year, although this will be reducing to £1.06m in 2016/17 due to a new partnership between DSU and DMU to deliver our sports provision, from particcipation in sports activities through to elite level sport.

Further accounts information: dsu-2014-15-accounts

How we work

De Montfort Students’ Union is led by students for students, supported by management teams and staffing of 80 in delivering a range of services. There are three sections of our organisation that work together to ensure we run smoothly, these are Representation, Operations and Governance.


We aim to ensure that all students studying at DMU have a voice within the University, Union and local community. Whether this is for students to improve their degree, help shape what we do, change how the University works or make something better in our local community, we are here to help.


The Students’ Union employs around 80 staff in a variety of roles and positions and these ensure the services students want and access are run efficiently and effectively.


Our Board of Trustees exists to oversee the running of De Montfort Students’ Union. It is made up of five sabbatical officers, up to four external trustees, two Alumni Trustees and up to four student trustees. Our Board of Trustees has ultimate responsibility for directing the affairs of DSU, ensuring we are solvent, well-run and delivering our objectives for the benefit of students. Our Trustees are legally responsible for ensuring that everything we do is in the best interests of our members, set the broad strategic direction and that the Union complies with charity law. Trustees are selected by an Appointments Panel and information is sent out via ‘all students’ emails’. Our Board meets four times a year and also holds an annual away day meeting. Insert links on officers and board

Always striving to improve we have set out our strategic themes and expectations for the year 2016/17, found within DSU’s ambitions-and-plan-2016-2017

DSU Operations

DSU employs 80 members of staff and has a turnover of £2m, which includes a block grant from the University of circa £1m (this can vary each year). We are based in the Student Centre at the heart of the campus, and commercially we operate a bar/café, retail facilities and an evening venue. We also house a successful IT support business while also having an investent in a students’ letting business.  Our non-commercial services continue to form a significant part of our activities. We support students across volunteering, clubs and societies, advice and campaigning.

The Chief Executive leads the senior management team in delivering the objectives of the organisation.

DSU organisation structure 2016

DSU department structures 2016