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About Hull University

Founded in 1927, The University of Hull has recently appointed a new Vice Chancellor, Professor Susan Lea who will continue to drive the institution forward to realise its strategic ambition and deliver the next phase of its £200 million investment programme. There is investment in ‘on and off’ campus accommodation to meet the needs of an evolving student demographic of over 17,000 UK, international, mature and postgraduate students. There is also investment in teaching and research facilities such as the £28m Brynmoor Jones Library and the £10m Allam biodmedical research facility plus an improved structure of faculty “Hubs” designed to drive academic excellence. As a partner in the UK 2017 City of Culture, the University has a strong profile and presence in the region and is an anchor institution at the heart of the local community. Students considering applying to Hull are now more aware of what the University and the city has to offer, evident by the conversion rate of those who attend open days.

The University is investing £4.8million in Student Central, the union’s building. This is a sign of its commitment to a collaborative partnership in delivering the best student experience possible (one measure of this is by the National Student Survey). The University values how the union can provide feedback and input into its ongoing planning and delivery, whether this is in the choice of courses, the quality of academic attainment and teaching excellence (TEF), sport and accommodation facilities and support services. With the union’s support the University can help secure a positive future impact on its students’ lives and employment prospects in an increasingly competitive higher education marketplace.