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Students’ Unions are always looking for ways in which to improve, raising the level and relevance of services they provide. NUS has developed Quality Students’ Unions to help assure the quality, standards and overall effectiveness of students’ unions replacing the previously used Student Union Evaluation Initiative (SUEI).

This quality mark is a single management tool that interlocks with, and complements, relevant standards and codes that already exist within the student movement including:

The quality mark also draws on sections from each version of the previous assessment (Students’ Union Evaluation Initiative SUEI) to ensure there is linkage between the systems.

To meet the minimum standards and be considered an accredited students’ union, a union will need to be compliant with both its statutory obligations and accepted best practice.

The new quality mark will again be voluntary but will be more accessible in terms of costs, time and complexity hopefully driving a greater take up amongst member unions.

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