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LUU Governance

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As a registered charity LUU has a Trustee Board with overall responsibility for the management and administration of LUU.  However in reality this is actually done by the Chief Executive, Senior Leadership Team and the staff team.  Our fourteen strong Trustee Board comprises six elected Student Exec officers, who have responsibilities as a trustee as well as representing the student body and eight further trustees who are . The other eight trustees are made up of four students and four non students. These trustees are appointed because of their experience, skills and commitment to LUU. Through interviews, we make sure that our trustees will be able to take on the responsibilities of a trustee of a large and forward thinking charity like ours. Find out more about the 2013 elections.

What responsibility do the board have?

  • Ensure that LUU has a clear vision, mission and strategic direction and is focused on achieving these
  • Ensure LUU complies with all legal and industry regulatory requirements
  • Be responsible for LUU’s budget; making sure that we have enough money to help you love your time at Leeds now and in the future
  • Ensure that LUU’s governance is of the highest possible standard

The Board of Trustees doesn’t get involved in the representation side of things at LUU. Representation of students is the responsibility of the student Exec who ensure that the voice of the student body is heard throughout the University, Union and the city of Leeds.

How is the Trustee Board held to account?

  • Ultimately it’s the students of LUU who elect six of our trustees (the Student Exec) in our annual elections
  • The Union Affairs Officer chairs the Trustee Board
  • The governance structure and procedures of LUU are set out in our Articles (our governing documents) that are approved by students
  • We hold our Annual General Meeting (normally in February) and all students can put their questions to the Trustee Board to find out exactly what they have been doing. All LUU members may attend and vote at the AGM.
  • If students are unhappy with the performance of a trustee, they have the option of seeking the their removal from the board. The processes for this are contained in the Articles of Association (section 36) link to Articles


In addition to the Board, the Trustees are also all involved in one of four subcommittees. The Board of Trustees delegates some of their more detailed work to them and experts from specific sectors sit on the committees. This means that we have the best possible people involved in LUU’s decision making.

Audit & Risk Committee is responsible for overseeing LUU’s financial strategy, reporting from internal and external audits and scrutinising LUU’s financial performance. They are also responsible for managing LUU’s risk profile.

HR & Remuneration Committee is responsible for overseeing the implementation of LUU’s HR strategy. The committee agrees any significant changes to remuneration systems, employee policies and compliance with current employment legislation.

Marketing & Development Committee advises on marketing, fundraising and development issues relating to LUU and oversees and monitors our marketing and communications strategies. The committee oversees the cycle of strategic review processes and considers any changes in the operating environment which may impact on our strategic goals.

Appointments & Governance Committee assists the Board in its governance functions, overseeing governance reviews, Board and Trustee reviews and considers best practice in this area. They are also responsible for overseeing the recruitment, appointment and induction of new trustees.